Rhythm Connection


Rhythm Connection is a fortnightly radio Jam on NTS Hosted by Nadia Ksaiba and Dan Beaumont.


    Playlist #76

    16th October 2014

    In Flagranti ft Sal P- High Pitch (Codek Records)
    Naptha - Circles (Transanlantyk)
    Lo Soul - Time & Space (Hypercolour)
    Zanzibar Channel - Drunk At The Jazz Dub (Home Lone Records)
    Mr G - Thingz & Stuff (Mango Boy Red Eye MIx) (Pheonix G)
    The Outsiders - Golden Boy (Work Them Records)
    Axel Bowman - No! No! No! No! (Studio Barnhus)
    Johnny Rock - Garage Dub (Oldschool Rider)
    DJ Ford Foster - Gold Cans (Unknown To The Unknown)
    Henrik Bergqvist - About Computers (Aniara Records)
    Mike Ash - Nitric (Super Rhythm trax)
    DJ Bone - Differ-Ent(Hrall) (Don’t Be Afraid)
    San Soda Is Nick Berlin - Give Me Some Acid (We Play House Recordings)
    Esteban Adame - Rays Of Saturn (Robert Hood Remix) (Rouge Society)
    Trevino - Play Time (Birdie Recordings)
    Marko Shuttle - Don’t U Want - Clone Store Only Series)
    Barker Baumecker - Schlang Bang (Osgut ton)
    Unknown- Lobster Theremin
    Witch - I can Do Without You - R.N Music Promotions
    The Black Madonna - Venus Requim (Night Owl Diner)
    CPI - Proseco (Barnt remix) (Hivern)
    Shaun J. Wright & Alinka - Wait For Love - Twirl Recordings 
    Janet Jackson - Control (A&M)
    Four to the Floor - Slam me Baby (Going All Out)

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    Playlist #75

    2nd October 2014

    The Black Madonna – Exodus (Stripped And Chewed)
    Unknown – Unknown (Banoffee Pies)
    Phillip Gorbachev – The Distance Matias Aguayo Edit (Comemme)
    Jitterbug – Jus Drums (Uzuri)
    Neil Landstumm – Cloud Berries (Kick Clap)
    Space – My Love Is Music (Casablanca)

    Key Songs in the life of Mark Moore

    Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (Warner Brothers)
    Patti Smith – Piss Factory (Sire)
    Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Casablanca)
    Pete Shelly – Witness the Change (Arista)
    Laurent X – Machines (Housenation Records)
    Malcom Mclaren - Deep In Vouge (Epic)
    Vapourspace - Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Plus 8)
    Donna – Our Love (Casablanca)

    General Ludd – Burning Mack (Autonomous Africa)
    Steve Murphy – No More Heroes (Basement Floor)
    Gesloten Cirkel – Zombiemachine Acid (Murder Capial)
    Portable – Medellin (Perlon)
    Caribou – Our Love (Daphni Remix) (City Slang)
    Intruder – You Got Me (Murk Records)
    Son Of Sound – You Bought This On Yourself (Version 2) (District 30)
    Little Louie Vega & Tony Humphries – Just Believe (Strictly Rhythm)
    Wang Chung – Dancehall Days (Geffen)

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    Rhythm Connection with Mark Moore

    This week’s show we are joined by London club music pionner Mark Moore. Mark Moore is undeniably one of the most influential DJs on the planet and the main man behind the first acid house super group S’Express.  Mark Moore will talk us through the key songs in his life, tune in on Thursday 2nd October on NTS Radio. 



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    Playlist #74

    Thursday 18th September

    Amadou & Mariam - Ce N’est Pas Bon (A JDTwitch Edit) (Whitelabel)
    Push Pull - Africa (Bang The Drums)
    Bou-Kahn - Magic (Magical mix) (Quark)
    Rick Whilite & Calvin Morgan - Memories Anallia (Rush Hour)
    Dexter - Unkown (Uknown)
    Africans with mainframes - Zodiac Rhythms (Creme)
    Steffan Linkberg - Unkown (Uknown)
    KMFH - Finnapop (Wild Oats)
    Unknown - The Simple Gesture (Uknown)
    Zannzibar Chanel - Beauty (Ruff)
    Fury - Pain (Stomp Dub) (Murk) 
    Francis Inferno Orchestra - Rap Beef (Voyeurhythm)
    Fingers Inc - It’s Over (Dub) (Underground)
    Jago - I’m Coming to Go (Full Time)

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    Jamie Reynolds in the NTS studio

    Jamie Reynolds in the NTS studio

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    Playlist #73
    Thursday 7th August
    Rayographs - My Critical Mind (Andy Blake Cave Painting Rework) (Everyone We Know)
    Esa & Mervian Granger - Anwar 491 (More Music)
    Tronik Youth -  Zulu Whisky Hotel (Emile Strunz Remix) (Nein)
    Paranoid London - Transmission 5 (Vocal) (Paranoid London)
    Mister Woo - Ventilation (Mark E remix) (Whistleblower)
    Jamie Reynolds Mix
    Shit Robot Feat. Nancy Whang - Do That Dance (Konstantin Sibold Remix (DFA)
    Freak Seven Feat. Aniff - Nano Kids (Vocal) (Rush Hour)
    Unsane - FK Club (Relish)
    DJ Yellow & Flowers Of Sea Creatures - No One Gets Left Behind (KonstantinSibold Remix) (Compost)
    Sonns - Starts Tonight (Golden Touch Remix) (Machine Limited)
    Gus Gus - Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix) (Kompakt)
    Klaxons - Love Frequency (Tom Rowlands Remix) (Phantasy)
    Joe Goddard - Endless Love Feat. Betsy (Greco Roman)
    Oyvind Morken - Gnagsar I Hjernen (Original Mix) (Full Pup)
    CPI - Proceso (Barnt Remix) (Hivern)
    Oyvind Morken - Gnagsar I Hjernen (Original Mix) (Full Pupp)
    Philipp Gorbachev - Arrest Me (Original Mix) (Comeme)
    N.O.I.A - The Rule To Survive (Italian Records)
    Joakim -  Bring Your Love Dub (Tigersushi)
    Haron - Raindance C (Tape)
    Band Of Skulls - Hoochie Koochie - Lindstrom (Instrumental Remix)
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    Rhythm Connection w/ Marco Shuttle by Rhythm Connection on Mixcloud

    Listen Again: Rhythm Connection with Marco Shuttle

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    Dan Beaumont and Marco Shuttle

    Dan Beaumont and Marco Shuttle

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