Rhythm Connection


Rhythm Connection is a fortnightly radio Jam on NTS Hosted by Nadia Ksaiba and Dan Beaumont.


    Rhythm Connection w/ Alex Boman
    On big Thursday we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome big Axel Boman to the studio for a hotmix. Axel’s signature deep and dreamy sound on labels like Pampa and his own Studio Barnhus has made him in demand on dance floors worldwide and he’s also carved a reputation as the nicest man in dance music. We are back in our regular 4pm slot. Listen live at www.ntslive.co.uk
    Thursday 17th April
    4-6pm GMT
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    Rhythm Connection with Mr Tophat & Art Alfie

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    Rhythm Connection w/ Mr Tophat & Art Alfe
    Ahead of their UK debut we welcome Swedish duo Mr Tophat & Art Alfe. The pair have been prolifically releasing dancefloor bangers on labels like Bass Culture, No Fit State as well as their own imprint Karlovak. They have pioneered a unique sound with thunderous dub-influenced tracks that walk a strange line between disco and techno. Regular listeners take note: this show will be a little later than normal at 6pm.
    Thursday 3rd April 
    6-8pm GMT
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    Playlist #66

    March 20th 2014

    Credit 00 - Obsessed (Uncanny Valley) 
    Losoul - Crush (Playhouse)
    Morgan Alexander - Meet In The Middle
    Ark - Sucubz (Mr. Oizo Remix) (Brief Records)
    Dj Sotofett/ Bhakti Mix - Trans Jungle Ride (Wania)
    Willie Burns - The Heaviest Elements (UTTU)
    FIO - Vibrations (Let’s Play House)

    Francis Inferno Hotmix 
    1991 - Reborn Ice Horn (Astro Dynamics)
    Oliverwho factory - New Beginnings (Madd Chaise Inc)
    Sexaliat - Tambien 
    Rat Life - Disco Train (Rat Life)
    Laurent X - Watcha Tryin T’ Do T’ Me 
    Tim McAllister - Cant Hide / Catchin Fever
    Coober Pedy University Band - Kookaburra 
    Omar S - Ready My Black Asz (FXHE)
    Zanzibar Channel - Ass 
    Brandy - The Ritual (Chateau Flight Remix)
    Francis Inferno Orchestra - Elingfort Road (Unreleased)
    Jimmy Tenor - Suite Meets

    Norma Jean Bell - 1-4am 
    Adesse Versions - Justified 
    Mr Tophat & Art Alfie - Pajala Sunrise  
    Carisma - Dragones (Comeme)Ezio - Motorbass (Herbert Remix (Peacefrog) 
    Roman Flugel - Discofiasco (Alternate Mix) (Turbo)
    Man Friday - Real Love 

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    Rhythm Connection W/ Francis Inferno Orchestra

    Francis Inferno Orchestra joins us in the NTS studio this week, FIO a prominent producer and DJ from the Australian dance underground has had a string of releases including 12” for Drum Community and Let’sPlay House as well as remixes for Tevo Howard and Jacques Renault. Recently moving to London and setting up his own labels he’s has been having fun with techno music under the alias Deep Throat on his own  BBW and is also planning a new house label to release records from his Australian gang. Rhythm Connection is fortnightly radio show on NTS Radio hosted by Dan beaumont and Nadia Ksaiba.

    Thursday 20th March, 4-6pm GMT


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    Rhythm Connection with Charlie Porter

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    Charlie Porter on the 1’s and 2’s

    Charlie Porter on the 1’s and 2’s

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    Playlist #65
    March 6th 2014
    Norma Jean Bell - Nobody (Peacefrog)
    The Raw Interpreter - A One Part 2 (Warm Sounds)
    Juju & Jordash - Waldorf Salad (Dekmantel)
    Amir Alexander - Star Tigress (Vanguard Sound!) 
    ‪Gnork - The Unofficial Chords Of Planet EE‬ (Blind Jack’s Journey)
    DJ Chupacabras - Future Primitive (Basement Floor Records)
    Spencer Parker - Spacial (Work Them)
    Ondo Fudd - Coup d’État (Trilogy tapes)
    Stephen Brown - Free And Easy - A.R.T.LESS 92
    The Luna Project - I Wanna Be Free (Funky Remix) (Black Label)
    Charlie Porter Hotmix 
    Willie Burns - Woo Right (Unknown To The Unknown)
    Marquis Hawkes - Lets Do It (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
    DJ 3000 - Faygo (Still Music)
    Deetroit - Deepsential (Unknown Deetroit)
    Mr G - Tripped Out (Phoenix G)
    Alex Israel - Cash Neutral  (Still Music)
    Generation Next - Acid Alcohol (7 Days Entertainment)
    Bam Bam - Where’s Your Child (Stilove4music)
    Clausell - Don’t let it be crack (Dub) (Easy Street records)
    Unknown - #####1 (Rush Hour)
    Hipnosis - End Title (Blade Runner) (ZYX Records)
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    Rhythm Connection with Charlie Porter

    Fashion writer Charlie Porter has been moonlighting as a disc jockey for some time now - he co-founded Hi-NRG social Macho City and the Joiners Arms and is currently part of the Chapter 10 collective. His record collection stretches from Donna Summer to Delroy Edwards and back again. We are very excited to invite him to air his box on NTS! Tune in on Thursday 6th March from 4pm


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