Rhythm Connection


Rhythm Connection is a fortnightly radio Jam on NTS Hosted by Nadia Ksaiba and Dan Beaumont.


    Rhythm Connection with Marco Shuttle
    On this week’s show Dan Beaumont is joined by future Chapter 10 guest Marco Shuttle. Italian born techno DJ and producer Marco Sartorelli has released on various european labels including the Clone Store Only Series. Marco has since set up his own vinyl only label to release his own productions and to “explore the sonic boundaries between us and outer space.” Catch Marco on Rhythm Connection Thursday 24th July between 4-6pm and at Chapter 10 rave on August Bank Holiday. ​
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    Playlist #71

    27th June 2014

    Unknown - For The Funk Of It (A&R Edits)
    Theo Parish - Footwork (Sound Signature)
    Mark Force - Chicago (Transit)
    Richard Sen & Cazbee Cat Dance -  (Autodiscothéque)
    Petwo Evans - Tumble - (Huntleys + Palmers)
    Genius Of Time - Jono Jam (Running Back)
    District 6Phrophets Of The South -  (Huntleys + Palmers)
    Mathew Styles - Arpj(Xtra Tamed)
    Temples - Eidolon Voy (100% Silk)
    Stump Valley - Hollywood (Off Minor)
    Rework - You Play (Visionquest)
    Unknown - Willie On Mars (Moxie)
    Rework - I am So Cold (Playhouse)
    Big Strick & Generation Next - Full Of Life (7 Days)
    Gavin Guthrie - 00707 (Creme Organisation)
    Head High - Power Seat (Power House)
    Boot and Tax - Fusci (Optimo Trax)
    Deep88 & Melchoir Sultana - Nightwave (Dream 2 Science Remix) (12R10)
    Floating Points - King Bromeliad - (Eglo)
    Mr G - Mango & Rum (Toi Toi)
    Jellphonic - 100 Snakes ft Zacky (Clone)
    Viola Wills - Stormy Weather (Sunergy)

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    Rhythm Connection with Terry Farley

    UK house vetran Terry Farley threatens to drop into the studio to join Nadia Ksaiba and Dan Beaumont. Except 2 hours of the finest new and classic house, disco and all the fun stuff in-between from 4pm on NTSlive.co.uk

    Thursday 27th June


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    Playlist #70
    Thursday 12th June 2014
    Unknown – It’s A Peach Melba (Moxie)
    Floor Plan – Funky Souls (Rish Hour)
    Bakazoo Panther – Jingo’ed (Interzone Thrills)
    Juliet Roberts – Caught In The Middle (Roach Motel Dub) (Cooltempo)
    Unknown – Organ House (Doge)
    Moon Man – The Great Speech (Another Day Records)
    Ace & The Sandman – Let Your Body Talk (Saber Records)
    Black Madonna Hotmix
    Max Berlin - Elle Et Moi
    Telex - Raised By Snakes
    The Flirts - Calling All Boys
    Suzi Lane – Harmony
    Pearly Gates - One Less Bell To Answer
    Fun Fun - Tell Me (Club Mix)
    Samatha Gilles – Let Me Feel It
    Somewhere - Vicki Shepard
    Jellybean - Jingo
    Oneiro - Shhh (Slide On The Wild Side Mix)
    Soul Creation - A New Birth
    Bougie Soliterre - Got The Bug
    Jazztronik - Samurai
    Metro Area - Orange Alert
    D’Marc Cantu – Acid Test (MOS Recordings)
    Unknown – If You Want Me (Faux Love)
    Dorisberg – Devotion (Aniara)
    Marcellus Pitman – Our Time Is Now (Downbeat)
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    Quick Fire Quiz - The Black Madonna

    Favourite BPM?

    120 forever. Not too fast, not to slow. 

    808 or 909?


    Derrick May Or Derrick Carter?

    God bless Derrick May but I gotta go with Derrick Carter who is not only the greatest house DJ that ever walked the earth but a kind, thoughtful human of the highest order, who I admire in just about every one can admire another person. Plus his dogs dress better than me. 

    Trax or Dance Mania?

    Dance Mania.

    Favourite dead DJ?

    For me he will live forever, but Frankie of course. FK always.

    Laser or Strobe?

    Laser. 1 laser in a black room. 

    Last new record you bought?

    Sfire - “Sfire 2” which is the sickest cut in ages.

    Last old record you bought?

    John Carpenter ‎– “The End” 

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    Rhythm Connection with The Black Madonna
    On this week’s Rhythm Connection we have an exclusive hot mix from Chicago’s finest The Black Madonna. Originally from Kentucky, the rave obsessed teenager Marea Stamper learnt how to DJ whilst managing the college radio station and by chance ended up accidentally filling in for Paul Johnson when he did not show up for a party.  A few decades of DJing and producing records under a different name Marea moved to Chicago where she eventually joined the legendary Smart Bar as a resident. Under the Black Madonna alias Marea has released a few hot 12 inches and remixes for Home Taping, Argot and Classic Music.  Between producing, djing worldwide, starting a label and Smart Bar duties we’ve managed to bag this exclusive hot mix. Rhythm Connection is hosted by Dan Beaumont and broadcasts live on NTS radio Thursday 12th June from 4pm
    Thursday 12th June
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    Playlist #69
    Thursday 15th June 2014
    With Rory Phillips and Nadia Ksaiba
    Khidja - Mustafa (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) (Emotional Especial)
    Golden Teacher - Party People (Optimo Music)
    Awanto 3 - Knocke Now (Rush Hour)
    ​Simba - Phase Seq One The Black Madonnas Lost Chicago Mix (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
    Carisma -  Pamela 2 (Huntleys and Palmers)
    ​Protect U - dostprtop (Future Times)
    KINK - Povreda (Macro)
    Gina X - No GDM (Gigolo Records)
    Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough (Dorian)
    ​The Honey Moon Killers - Route Nationale 7 (Gaumont Music)
    Visage - Night Train (Dance Mix) (Polydor)
    Unknown - Die Klapperschlange (ZYX Records)
    DAF - Die Rauber Und Die Prinz (Mute)
    Grace Jones - Nipple To The Bottle (Island)​
    Harelquin 4’s - Set It Off (Label)
    Konk - Your Life (Label)
    ​Ministry - Cold Life (Beggars Banquet)
    The Units - High Pressure Day (415 records)
    Lora Logic - Wonderful Offer (Rough Trade)
    Chaz Jankel - You’re My Occupation (A&M)
    Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (Vanguard)
    Automan 7 - Hookey (Automan)
    Can - I want More (Virgin)
    Double Dutch Bus (Unidisc)
    Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid (Gigolo)
    Yello - You Gotta Say Ses To Another Excess) (Rory Phillips Edit) (Whitelabel)
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    Axel Boman on last week’s show

    Axel Boman on last week’s show

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